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Design and Manufacture

Switrace Consulting, in Switzerland has the capabilities to design and manufacture temperature controlled solutions starting from an idea or from an existing product.


Our consultants will help you scope your requirements and our engineers will work in the design, development and up to the prototype of a monitoring solutions suitable to your need. Switrace Consulting can also provide manufacturing capabilities from small to large scale productions.


In the meantime, Switrace Consulting has an existing ready-made and pharma validated, WHO approved, temperature monitoring solutions.


For IoT Real Time solutions please refer to IoT Solutions


I-Plug Range

Track & Trace your I-Plug

I-PLUG BIO range, a cloud data logger compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and approved by WHO. ​These include options such as single and multi use, with LED or LCD indicators as well as internal or external probes.

I-PLUG Dry Ice (-80°C) and I-PLUG Cryo (-200°C) as well as Dry Ice Time Temperature Indicators.

I-PLUG Multi-use Temperature and Temperature/Humidity data loggers for lab and industrial applications. These include a wide range of special external probes.

Low cost I-PLUG PDF logger for the food industry with the options of internal and external probes, LED or LCD indicators.

Bluetooth Range

The LOGIC BT range of temperature BT data loggers suitable for shipments as well as for control in fridges. Data can be downloaded via APP or PC software.

WHO Approved.


The LOGIC BT Temperature and Humidity Data loggers.

Data can be downloaded via APP or PC Software.

WHO Approved.

Temperature Electronic Indicators

The Endicate Range are Time/Temperature Electronic Indicators with any up to 4 alarms including special set ups for WHO vaccine requirements for Type 1, Type 2 and Freeze Indicators.

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Chemical Indicators

Thanks to a partnership with American Thermal Instruments, Switrace provides a wide range of label temperature indicators including smart solutions connected to an APP such as the Var IoT.

Chemical Indicator
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