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Package Delivery

Cold Chain Packaging
Single-use VS Reusable

The consultants of Switrace have wide experience working with different manufacturers of Temperature and monitor control packaging.

There is also a trend to use ecological materials in single use shippers but also to use whenever possible reusable shippers. Switrace advises your company on technologies and packaging solutions that suit your needs.

In case reusable shippers are considered we give you clear information

on PRO and CONS depending on the type of shippers that you are considering and will be on your side when making your choice.


The biggest challenge on the use of reusable shippers is not to offset the ecological impact of using a reusable shipper with the reverse logistics.


We advise your company in the best choices to manage the reverse logistics, either via the manufacturer, the logistics provider or by yourself and using our project managers and partners to do so.

Green Farm

Ecological Materials
for Temperature Control Packaging

Single use cold chain packaging generates a considering amount of waste and the trend for companies is to use eco-friendly materials for isolation and as cooling agents.

In collaboration with Research Institutes and innovative companies, Switrace assist packaging manufacturers on their source of ecological, compostable and biodegradable materials that are still performing to the highest standards.

Compliance on the materials and availability globally is of highest importance and therefore we secure agreements with sources to secure manufacturing for a number of years.

Colleagues at Work

Cost Management

Our consultants assist you build world class cost management, supporting you to deliver your costs and value targets and transferring knowledge.

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