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Global Cold Chain
Track change of condition
and change of custody

SWITRACE Cold Chain Consultants has an agreement with KATALX platform which allow companies go beyond cold chain.

KATALX is a collaborative platform, focused on preserving Total Product Integrity of High Value/High risk products.  The platform has actionable intelligence, leveraging Trusted Data to empower on-field decision making


KATALX gathers all critical data points from multiple sources to monitor TOTAL PRODUCT INTEGRITY so that it is possible to:

  • Access a unified view of the shipment, including chain of custody and chain of condition.

  • Monitor in real-time total product integrity (location, temperature. Humidity, light, shock, and others)

  • Predict excursions through smart sensing and algorithms (MAXTRACE technology)

  • React on-time based on predictive feature or when excursions occur by triggering alerts and remediation notifications.

  • Perform root cause analysis and update your corrective and preventive action plan.

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Real Time Tracking
Solutions beyond temperature

Technology is making it possible for companies to proactive to secure the integrity of their products during production, storage and transportation.

Days where drug companies could only know that the product is fit for use at arrival are coming to an end. IoT technologies can now assist companies to know in real time not only the condition of their products but even predict if deviations are eminent. This allow companies and shipping companies to be proactive and take action before the drugs have lost their integrity and secure that medicines are delivered fit for use and in time.

Switrace assist companies on the right choice of technology, weather it is for land or airfreight, domestic or international or weather temperatures kept need to be

15°C ~ 25°C |  2 ~ 8°C | -20°C | -70°C | and -194°C : the solutions are there.

We help you to make the right choice.

Finally, there is a constant evolution of types of communication (LTE, GPRS, GSM, SIGFOX, LORALAN) and Communication companies such as ATT. VODAFONE, SWISSCOM and others are constantly upgrading their solutions and Switrace is your partner to make sure you are using the right technology and the right provider.  


New Technologies
for Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain logistics for commercial product and clinical trials has been challenged during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Once vaccines started clinical trials there was a need to optimize the cold chain management of dry ice shipments globally to assure the integrity of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine during the trials and Moderna vaccines also required low temperatures to handle. Once the vaccines were approved for commercial distribution the challenge was overwhelming and only the right cold chain expertise across the globe made this possible.

During the same period however all logistics were disrupted and delayed and many of cold chain shipments were affected contributing to the loss of many temperatures sensitive shipments resulting on waste and loss of integrity in products.

The challenges however, have pushed logistic companies to upgrade their technology in terms of tracking systems, predictive capabilities, smart sensing, and analytics in order to be more ready next time to a similar or worst situation.

Switrace assist pharma and clinical trial logistic companies to reach a state-of-the-art cold chain management system to propose to their customers.

Switrace has also the capability to provide you with customized Cold chain Cloud based platforms for your own cold chain management, tailored to your needs.

Files and Packages

Smart Packaging
with Temperature control
in Real-time and

Switrace cooperates with a number of technology providers to convert a simple parcel into a smart tracking unit.

This can be done using a number of technology partners but also, if the solutions is not there: Switrace can design your own solution.
This design/development and manufacturing capabilities are available not only to Life Science but other industries like the food and asset tracking industries.

Real Time information has limited use if your company cannot be reactive.

This is why the solutions we recommend or provide can also be connected to your own Tracking platform or KATALX platform in order to manage a change of custody in real time.

This will allow your company to take quick actions in case of deviations. The information that you gather on your shipments will then be used for your own analytics and continuous improvement.

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